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This web site has been created to allow the music fans to enjoy at another level their musical relaxing moments. For doing so, we mandate ourselves to provide you with the latest musical products available, exclusive ones (translations) and all facilities that can make your experience in the musical world more entertaining, easy and fun. In parallel, we also want to provide the artists and the industry a voice of trust to reach their fans. Every week, we will present on the site a new artist/group to be discovered, through audio samples, bios and a photo gallery.

We encourage online music sales because we believe this is the next step in the evolution of music purchasing. We hold in our heart to provide our users the necessary tools to buy their favourite music: the crucial information classified in a way to best assist your search, the discovering of new artists, the possibility to buy online in a safe and easy way.

In order to optimize your experience on our site, we partnered with radio stations' networks Énergie, Rock-Détente and Boom FM, in Quebec, so that you'll be able to listen to their music while surfing on Universound.ca.

There is always a song to express an emotion...

  • The song lyrics express very strong messages and emotions. Their translation allows everyone who doesn't speak the language to understand what the artists say and feel closer to them by relating to their emotions and messages. It is a great way for the young and teens to be able to develop their critic eye over the values that are sung and an excellent tool to learn a foreign language.
  • The artists, through their songs, express very personal opinions and emotions that are worthy of being understood. Our site is an opportunity to let the authors shine, whom are too often left in the shadows, unknown.
  • We also pursue an educative mission that evolves on two different plans:
    - Allow the parents to apply a better control over the lyrics' content that reach their children;
    - Facilitate the learning of a foreign language.


All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners and are presented for educational purposes only.

Access to this music collection does not allow you the right to copy or distribute the lyrics and information that appears on this site. It is strictly forbidden to use this archive to construct any kind of personal database, web site, or any publication.

All lyrics remain copyrighted to their respective owners; if any copyright owner objects to their lyrics appearing in this archive for the private enjoyment and education of their fans, please send us a message and they will be removed immediately.

* Before sending a message, please take the time to read the Universound section which explains the purpose of this concept.

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