2 Beautiful 4 Words

Christina Aguilera

2 Beautiful 4 Words (Original Version)

When I try to describe
How I feel when you hold me
I get butterflies
I hear lullabies
It's hard to explain
Like the scent of a rose
Or the sound of the rain
It's too precious
And too wonderful
To give it a name

Too beautiful for words
A symphony inside me
Too beautiful for words
I cannot take them lightly

Can you hear my silent heart

It's on the tip of my tongue
But my lips are still sealed
Only violins and their innocence
Can show you how I feel
And I hear them again
At the end of the day
I'm all teary eyed
When we kiss goodbye
There's nothing I can say


Can you hear my silent heart

Must be a million times
I've tried to express this love of mine
When it goes this deep
When it tastes this sweet
It's not easy to define

Chorus x2

Can you hear my silent heart

Oh, yeah, oh...


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