Even Angels Fall

Jessica Riddle

Even Angels Fall (Original Version)

You found hope, you found faith
Found how fast she could take it away
Found true love, lost your heart
Now you don't know who you are

She made it easy, made it free
Made you hurt 'til you couldn't see
Sometimes it stops; sometimes it flows
But baby that is how love goes

You will fly and you will crawl
God knows even angels fall
No such thing as you lost it all
God knows even angels fall

It's a secret that no one tells
One day it's heaven, one day its hell
And it's no fairytale, take it from me
That's the way it's supposed to be


You laugh you cry no one knows why
But oh the thrill of it all
You're on the ride, you might as well open your eyes


Even angels fall
Even angels fall


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