Just A Little

Liberty X

Just A Little (Original Version)

Yeah yeah

Sexy, everything about you so sexy
You don't even know what you got
You really hit my spot
Oh yeah, yeah
And you're so innocent
Please don't take this wrong cos it's a compliment
I just wanna get with your flow
You've gotta learn to let go
Oh baby, won't you

Work it a little (oh yeah)
Get hot just a little
Meet me in the middle
Let go, just a little bit more (just a little bit more)
Gimme just a little bit more
(Just a little, just a little)

Let me, I'll do anything if you just let me
(Come on baby)
Find a way to make you explore
I know you wanna break down those walls
Yeah yeah
And its so challenging
Getting close to you is what I'm imagining
I just wanna see you get down
You gotta let it all out
Oh baby, won't you just

Chorus x2

Its so exciting, the way you're inviting me yeah
(I know you really like it like that, ah)
Can't get enough, won't you satisfy my needs
(Please let me be)

Chorus x3

(Get hot)
Everything about you so sexy
(Meet me, Don't let go)
You don't even know
(Just a little)
Gimme just a little bit more
(Just a little)


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