Over The Edge

3 Of Hearts

Over The Edge (Original Version)

Boy, when we're close like this
It's so hard to resist
Cuz, all I want to do is give my heart and soul to you
Now in my dreams at night, I feel you hold me tight,
I know this love is real
I can't stop the way I feel

Baby I'm fallin' fast must be a spell you cast,
My hearts holdin' on to every word that you said
I never felt this before
Can't hold back anymore
Just one more kiss, and I'll be over, over the Edge

Boy, when you take my hand, I finally understand
That love isn't just a word, oh it's heaven here on earth
And when you promise me, that you will always be,
The one right here by my side, now until the end of time


All you have to do is look in my eyes
And baby, I can fly
I can fly



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