Pass You By

Boyz II Men

Pass You By (Original Version)

She was like nothing I've ever known
Her eyes shined like diamonds in a field of snow
The man that destiny led her to meet
Made her feel that life was now complete

Now some days have passed and nights gone by
I can see the glow slowly fading from her eyes
Though she denys her pain and her dismay
Know I said this to her anyway

Don't have to stay with someone that makes you cry (makes you cry)
You'll end up killing all the love you have inside (have inside)
Can't hope to see the sun in you if you don't open your eyes
Girl, don't let real love pass you by (oh)
Don't let real love pass you by

I know you're nervous but take it from me
Cause you deserve so much more then you receive
Listen to your heart and let it show
Don't hold on to your pain, just let it go
Let it go


You can find the love you need if you set your heart free (free, free, free)
Don't have to stay (stay) with someone (with no one)
That makes you cry (that's gonna makes you cry)
(Oh no) Don't be (don't be) discouraged baby (baby)
(Don't let) Don't let real love pass you by



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