That's What Love Is All About

Michael Bolton

That's What Love Is All About (Original Version)

There was a time
We thought our dream was over
When you and I
Had surely reached the end
Still here we are
The flame as strong as ever
All because we both kept holding on
We know we can weather any storm

Baby, that's what love is all about
Two hearts that find a way, somehow
To keep the fire burning
It's something we could never live without
If it takes forever
We can work it out
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Baby, that's what love is all about

As time goes by
We've learned to rediscover
The reason why
This dream of our survives
Through thick and thin
We're destined for each other
Knowing we can reach the other side
Far beyond the mountains of our pride


Riding the good times is easy
The hard times can tear you apart
There'll be times in your heart
When the feeling is gone
But you keep on believing
And you keep holding on



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