The Hard Way

3 Of Hearts

The Hard Way (Original Version)

Seems like, everybody's tries to tell me what to do
And what to be, go there, wear that, do this... do that
They always tell me it's for my own good
I wanna scream, but I wish they would

Let me learn the hard way
(Call me foolish, call me lazy, call me young, call me crazy)
Gonna do it my way, my way
Let me learn the hard way
(Take my heart out and pick it up and out of sight when I'm in love)
Cuz the hard way is all right, it's all right with me
Oh oh, yeah yeah

So what, if I let my fingers burn
Life's a lesson I've got to learn,
I wont forget, no time, no regrets
Oh I know it's all been done before
I'll make the rules and I'll keep the score


Its just a phase that I'm going through
But it's something that I've got to do (got to do)



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