Get Right

Jennifer Lopez

Get Right (Original Version)

You looking just a little too hard at me
Standing just a little too close to me
You saying ‘’Not quite in love’’ to me
You sipping just a little too slow for me
No doubt you're playing real cool homey
Got me thinking what is it you do for me
Tripping (Tripping) a little more than I should be
So let yourself go and get right with me!

(I'm about to sign you up)
(We can get right before the night is up)
(We can get right, whoa)
(We can get right, whoa)
(We can get right)
Repeat x2

Your lips talking about I play too much
Can't a woman take advantage of what she wants?
My hips moving oh so slow (So slow)
Bar tab looking like a car note (Car note)
All I need is you here right by my side
Take whatever you want baby let's ride
And whatever you want you let me decide
Just put your name on the dotted line


So much we got to say, but so little time
And if tonight ain't going up, don't leave love behind
If you take my hand I'll show you how

Chorus x2

I'm about to fill your cup
We can get right before the night is up
We can get right, get right


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