Give It Up To Me

Sean Paul

Give It Up To Me (Original Version)

Get out my head and into the bed girl
Cause you done now, plottin' out the fantasy
Hey baby girl and it's you a the key, yo, me go so then

From you look inna me eye gal I see she you want me
When you gonna give it up to me
Because you body enticing you makin' me horny
When you gonna give it up to me
Well if a no today girl then a must be tomorrow
When you fulfil my fantasy
Because you know I give you lovin' straight like an arrow
When you gonna give it up to me

So back it up deh
So pack it up yeah
Cause I wanna be the man
That's really gonna have it up and mack it up and
Slap it up yeah
So what is up yeah
You know you got the sinting inna me pants
A develop and a swell up and
Double up yeah
So gimmie the work yeah
Cause if you no gimme the work the blue balls a erupt yeah
So rev it up deh gal gwaan try you luck deh
Cause when you stir it up you know me haffi measure up yeah


Hey pretty girl
Say me love fi see you walk
You no habla ingles but just listen me when me a talk
This ya one yeah from me heart, woman you got me caught
You ever inna me thoughts
And no left me inna the dark, inna the
First place gal that's where you belong
So just let me flip the switch woman I can turn it on and
Gimme the passion from dusk till dawn
Tell me if you want it fi gwaan, my girl


So why can't you see, we ought to be
Together girl don't front on me
I just wanna be near so don't have no fear
And lemme see you bring your body right over here
Because you should share it, girl I'll care it
And I'm gonna give you love so clear
It gonna make you shine and once you are mine
We be rockin' it until the end of time

[Verse 1 (repeat)]


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