Got to Luv U

Sean Paul

Got to Luv U (Original Version)

Got to luv u
Got to luv u! (Yeah, yeah)
Got to luv u (x5)
Baby got to luv u
Got to luv u! (x4)
Got to luv u! (x2)

Gyal mi nuh steal like dem waan dey report you don't?
Mi ready leave you weh you fire off the ground?
Nuff a dem fake dem man a king a crown?
Only thing keen bout dem self alone?
Listen mi keen nuh baby tell a mi how mi sound?
Ana weh dem likkle boy dey weh loose a browny
Mi alone ana make you start fi moan and groan?
Cau mi an here lost strong like a stone?
Girl cause

I, I'll do anything I could for ya
Boy you're my only
I, I'm gonna flip these beats on ya
You don't even know me (Ah, ah)
Cause I am, I…
I don't even want to fight, fight, fight (I don’t even wanna fight girl)
Said I am, I...I ain't even gonna fight it
Got to love you! (x8)
Girl an mi alone and give you security
And mi nuh just start fi mind yuh?
Mi alone a give you the remedy fi set you free?
Sum bwoy just waan fi hide you?
That's why mi you a lettin'?
Girl I'm not pettin'?
Ready fi make you sweatin'?
Thist dem man checkin'?
Lex them man settin'?
Builf and hard steppin'?
Mi cyaan loose I am bettin'
Girl cause

No need to fight girl

Got to luv u! (x4)

You were the sun
Hard steppin' girl, we're not stoppin'?
Got me spendin', and you've all been?
[But know it around?
Good lovin'
Give yuh good lovin'?
Boy you got me, can't ignore it
It's me and you forever girl


Got to luv u! (x4)


Got to luv u! (x4)


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