All Or Nothing

Athena Cage

All Or Nothing (Versión Original)

It's the chance of life, get ready, set, fly high
But the fear of your mind, go for it
It's hit or miss, too late for you to quit
You gotta show 'em how bad you really want this, so

Live your dream, it's not as hard as it may seem
You gotta work together, cream, on your hopes you will seem
From your fears, you have to win yourself
It's all or nothing, and you're everything

Are what you believe, you got to bring the dreams
Set the pace, competitions take the lead
This is it, all eyes on you
So stay on point and prove
That you deserve what's long overdue


The hardest to recovery
From the heartbreak of another kind
I'm still drying my tears
Getting over my own fears in my life
So I wanna make sure this time
That I'm strong enough to give it my all

Chorus x3

So you gotta live your dreams
So don't you be afraid
Just set the pace, and take the lead
It's your time to shine


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