Leave Virginia Alone

Rod Stewart

Leave Virginia Alone (Versión Original)

Oh yeah

Well I chased her
Down the alley
And over the hill
To steel her will
She was as hot as
Georgia asphalt
When the aircraft came
To adore her brain

So leave Virginia alone
Leave Virginia alone
She's not like you
And me
She's not like you
And me

You should've seen her
Back in the city
Poetry and jewels
Broke all the rules
She was as high as
A Georgia palm tree
Make up and pills
Over Douville's


Some sunny day
When the hands of times have
Gone their way
You'll understand
Why it was so hard
To run away
To run away

She's a loser
She's a forgiver
She still finds good
When no one could
You want her
More than money
Cadillac's and rust
Diamonds and dust


Ah, yeah


Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
La, la, la, oh leave her alone
Ooh, ooh

Oh, Virginia
Oh, Virginia
Leave her alone


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