Lonely Avenue

Ray Charles

Lonely Avenue (Versión Original)

Now my room has got two windows
But the sunshine never comes thru
You know it's always dark and dreary
Since I broke off, baby, with you!

I live on a lonely avenue
My little girl wouldn't say, "I do"
Well, I feel so sad and blue
And it's all because of you
I could cry, I could cry, I could cry, oh
I could die, I could die, I could die
Because I live on a lonely avenue, oh, lonely avenue

Now my covers they feel like lead
And my pillow it feels like stone
Well, I've tossed and turned so every night
I'm not used to being alone!


Now I've been so sad and lonesome
Oh, since you've left this town
If I could beg or borrow the money, child
I would be a highway bound!



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