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Shame, Shame, Shame

Shirley & Company

Shame, Shame, Shame (Version Originale)

And I want you to know that

So just listen to the

Can't stop me now, hear what I say
My feet wanna move so, get out my way
I'm gonna have my say
I'm going to every discotheque
I'm gonna dance dance dance dance ooh
Till the break of day I say

Shame, shame, shame, hey, shame on you
If you can't dance too
I say shame, shame, shame
Shame, shame, shame, shame
Shame on you, if you can't dance too

Don't stop the motion
If you get the notion
You can't stop the groove
Cause you just won't move
Got my sun-roof down
Got my diamonds in the back
So put on your shaky wig baby
If you don't I ain't comin' back


If you don't want to go
Remember one monkey don't stop no show
My body needs action ain't gonna blow
Yes I'm going out I'm going to find a dancin' man
If you really think you're fast
Try to catch me if you can
I say shame shame shame yeah (aah) shame on you
If you can't dance too

It's a shame shame shame
Shame shame shame
Shame shame on you
If you can't dance too
If you can't dance


(Shame) said shame (shame) said shame
(Shame) shame on you
If you can't dance too if you can't dance
(Repeat till fade)

Honte, Honte, Honte


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